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On Tuesdays, 10:00-11:30, in room 13-222, starting on the 30/10/2018 (2nd lecture week)


Matthias Schäfer
Carolina Nogueira
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Course Overview

This course covers aspects and principles of network security. Based on many attacks on common technologies used in communication systems, this course illustrates how things can go wrong and provides basic measures to protect a network from mistakes committed in the past. It covers furthermore the fundamental concepts of security and security problems.

Areas covered in this lecture:

  • Physical and Link Layer Security
  • Network Layer Security
  • Transport Layer Security
  • Application Layer Security

Please note that it is strongly recommended to attend communication systems first since it provides the background knowledge for this lecture.


To participate in the exercise, you need to register here. The registration will be open until 06/11/2018. Note that the three choices must be made due to a restriction of the registration form and they don't have any effect or meaning.

The exercises will be split into three parts: a workshop, a network hack challenge, and a web hack challenge. Successful participation all three parts is a mandatory admission requirement for the final exam. More information will follow soon.


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