News: Kickoff Meeting on Monday, April 23 at 5.15pm
in our seminar room (36-438)
Level: Bachelor (89-4111) / Master (89-4271)
Contact: M.Sc. Paul Nikolaus
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Further information will be provided during the kickoff meeting!


Please register in order to participate in this year's seminar. The registration will open on April 24 at 4am and will close on the same day at 11:59pm. No registrations will be accepted after the deadline has passed. 6 topics will be available and the registration is on a first-come first-served basis. As soon as the 6 topics are assigned, the registration will be closed. However, if there are no topics available anymore, you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be put on the waiting list. Please include your three favorite topics and your study program in your email.

Introduction Slides

You can register for the seminar here:

Seminar Registration (only from within the Uni network/VPN)

Important Dates

Kick-off Meeting: April 23, 5.15pm
Registration (FCFS): April 24, 4am - 11:59pm
Visualization Mock-up: May 7, 11:59pm
Visualization First Version: May 28, 11:59pm
Report & Presentation First Version: June 18, 11:59pm
Final Visualization, Report, Presentation: June 25, 11:59pm
Presentation Day: July 2


The DISCO group offers a seminar with focus on performance and security aspects of communication networks this summer. You will practice a literature research, give a scientific presentation and implement a visualization. All of them are equally crucial for your grade; all presentations have to be supported by an interactive visualization of an important aspect of your paper.

Here is the list of papers for this year's seminar. Note that this list is tentative and may be subject to changes:

ID Author(s) and Title Student Supervisor PDF
P1 Shannon: Communication in the Presence of Noise   Carolina PDF
P2 Crovella et al.: Self-Similarity in World Wide Web Traffic   Paul PDF
P3 Kleinrock: Packet Switching in Radio Channels: Part I - CSMA   Paul PDF
S1 Dijkstra: Guarded Commands, Non-Determinacy and Formal Derivation of Programs Junhan Carolina PDF
S2 Brands et al.: Distance-Bounding Protocols Manish Matthias PDF
S3 Denning: An Intrusion-Detection Model Lukas Matthias PDF



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